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Powertip graphic LCD/LDM List
Model Type dot
Effective picture size
Controller Boosting circuit Back light
LCD type
PG320240-C SMT 320x240
150.5x96.8 95.97x71.97 - - None, EL, LED, CCFL STN, FSTN
PG320240-D SMT 148.02x120.4 115.17x86.37 S1D1330 Built-in LED, CCFL
PG320240-H TAB 92.0x71.7 76.78x57.58 - Option None, EL, LED
PG320240-M TAB 167.0x110.0 115.19x86.39 - - LED, CCFL STN, FSTN, FFSTN
PG320240-P - 148.0x107.0 95.98x71.98 - - CCFL FSTN
PG320240-001 COG 143.0x96.8 95.985x71.985 - - LED FSTN
PG320240-002 153.54x120.24 115.18x86.38 S1D13700 - LED FSTN
PG240160-B - 240x160 76.5x55.8x7.0 57.585x38.385 - - EL FSTN
PE240128-001 COG 240x128 99.2x64.2x18.34 82.775x44.135 - - LED FSTN
PG240128-A SMT 144.0x104.0 107.95x57.55 T6963C Built-in None, EL, LED, CCFL STN, FSTN
PG240128-B SMT - None, EL, LED
PE24064-001 COG 240x64 120.0x44.82 98.38x26.22 - - LED FSTN
PG24064-A SMT 180.0x65.0 127.16x33.88 LC7981 Built-in EL, LED, CCFL STN, FSTN
PG24064-E SMT T6963C None, EL, LED, CCFL
PG24064-G SMT - None, EL, LED, CCFL
PG24064-M 210.0
331.6x254.76x12.5 331.6x254.76x12.5 Built-in CCFL FSTN
PG192128-B - 192x128 98.0x86.0 71.0x47.32 - - LED FSTN
PE160240-001 COG 160x240 52.4x70.1 38.38x57.58 - - EL FSTN
PE160160-001 COG 160x160 69.2x69.5 55.985x55.985 - - None FSTN
PE160160-001-P1 COG 70.2x89.5 - - EL FSTN
PE160160-001-P2 COG 69.2x69.5 S1D13305 Built-in EL FSTN
PG16032-A - 160x32 85.2x55.0 70.36x19.47 - - LED STN
PG16032-B COG 116.0x44.0 94.36x18.84 SID15200D Built-in None, EL, LED STN
PE13264-002 COG 132x64 87.5x51.0 72.55x35.15 ST7565S Built-in None STN, FSTN
PG128128-A SMT 128x128 85.0x100.0 55.01x55.01 T6963C - None, EL, LED STN, FSTN
PG12864-K SMT/
128x64 93.0x70.0 66.52x33.24 S6B0107B/8A Built-in None, EL, LED STN, FSTN
PG12864-F SMT 78.0x70.0 56.27x38.35 T6963C - STN, FSTN
PG12864-J COB 75.0x52.7 55.01x27.49 S6B0107B/8A Option STN, FSTN
PG12864-001 COG 53.2x37.8 40.92x24.28 ST7565S Built-in STN, FSTN
PG12864-004 COG 76.1x63.2 66.52x33.24 ST7565S Built-in STN, FSTN
PG12864-007 COG 45.0x27.5 28.14x14.06 SSD1815 Built-in EL FSTN
PG12232-A COB 122x32 84.0x44.0 53.64x15.64 S1D15200D - None, EL, LED STN
PG12232-C 98.0x60.0 69.50x20.76 S1D15200D - None, LED STN
PG12232-E 65.4x29.1 48.76x14.36 S1D15200D - LED STN
PG12232-D 65.4x29.1 56.35x20.75 S1D15200D - None, LED STN, FSTN
PE10264-001 COG 102x64 34.0x35.0 27.52x20.46 ST7565S Built-in None FSTN
PG9832-A COB 98x32 52.0x44.0 43.08x15.64 S1D15200D - None, LED STN
PG9732-C TAB 97x32 49.7x31.3 35.84x14.35 S1D15200D Built-in LED STN, FSTN
PG9732-D TAB 42.0x39.9 33.0x17.22 S1D15200D Built-in LED STN, FSTN
PE9664-001 COG 96x64 23.98x15.98 23.98x15.98 SSD1815BZ Built-in None FSTN
* We pay attention to the compilation of this data, but being to be also a possibility such as misprint, please verify correct information with the specification of the manufacturer.
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