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inch Model No. Type Number of Pixels(dot)
Input signal Outline dimantions
Backlight Remarks
65.0" LK645D3LZ2U TFT 1,080x1,920 16.77M 450 LVDS 8bit digital 907.0x1,555.3x100.0 built-in Contrast 2000:1
wide viewing angle
LK645D3LZ29 TFT 1,920x1,080 16.77M 450 LVDS 8bit digital 1,555.3x907.0x100.0 Built-in
52.0" LK520D3LZ19 TFT 1,920x1,080 16.77M 450 LVDS 8bit digital 1,219.0x706.7x64.6 Built-in Contrast 1800:1
ASV(wide viewing angle)
46.0" LK460D3LZ19 TFT 1,920x1,080 16.77M 450 LVDS 8bit digital 1,083.0x627.0x65.7 Built-in Contrast 1800:1
ASV(wide viewing angle)
28.3" LQ283G1TW11 TFT 2,560x2,048
16.77M 225 4ch TMDS 640.0x530.0x60.0 18CCFT Built-in inverter
ASV(wide viewing angle
28.1" LQ281L1LW11 TFT 2,048x2,048 16.77M 225 4ch LVDS 594.0x594.0x83.0 18CCFT Built-in inverter
wide viewing angle)
LQ281L1LW14 225 4ch LVDS 594.0x594.0x83.0 Built-in inverter
wide viewing angle
23.1" LQ231U1LW01 TFT 1,600x1,200
16.77M 250 LDI 530.0x432.8x32.5 6CCFT Built-in inverter
wide viewing angle
LQ231U1LW21 250 LDI 530.0x432.8x32.5 Extended backlight brightness adjustment area
20.1" LQ201U1LW11Z TFT 1,600x1,200
256(gray) 700 2ch LVDS
8bit XYZ
436.0x335.0x27.5 6CCFT ASVwide viewing angle
LQ201U1LW21 16.77M 250 2ch LVDS
8bit RGB
432.0x331.5x25.0 ASVwide viewing angle
19.0" LQ190E1LW01 TFT 1,280x1,024
16.77M 300 2ch LVDS
8bit RGB
404.2x330.0x20.0 4CCFT ASVwide viewing angle
LQ190E1LW41 450 2ch LVDS
8bit RGB
404.2x330.0x20.0 6CCFT ASVwide viewing angle
17.0" LQ170K1LW02 TFT 1280x768 260K 300 LVDS 6bit RGB 413.8259.015.0 4CCFT Built-in inverter
15.0" LQ150X1LGB1 TFT 1,024x768
16M 600 LVDS 6bit RGB
331.6x254.76x12.5 4CCFT
LQ150X1LGN2A 260 LVDS 6bit RGB 326.0x252.0x11.5 2CCFT
LQ150X1LGN2C 260
LQ150X1LGN2E 350
LQ150X1LCD3 260 Built-in inverter
LQ150X1LCD5 350 331.6x254.76x31.85 4CCFT Built-in inverter
LQ150X1LW71N 250 LVDS 6bit RGB
331.6x254.76x12.5 ASVwide viewing angle
LQ150X1LW72 350 ASVwide viewing angle
LQ150X1LGB2 200 331.6x254.76x16.0 2CCFT Veil View
LQ150X1LG45 250 1ch LVDS 326.5x253.5x
LQ150X1LG55 350
LQ150X1LG71 250 326.5x253.5x11.2
LQ150X1LG81 350
12.3" LQ123K1LG03 TFT 1280x480 260K 330 LVDS 6bit RGB 312.4x130.426.4 2CCFT Built-in inverter
12.1" LQ121K1LG11 TFT 1280x800
16M 370 LVDS 278.0x184.0x
LQ121S1DG41 800x600
260K 370 Digital 6bit RGB 276.0x209.0x11.0
LQ121S1DG61 450 Strong LCD2
LQ121S1LG41 370 LVDS 6bit RGB
LQ121S1LG45 370 LVDS 6bit RGB
Built-in inverter
LQ121S1LG55 330 Built-in inverter
LQ121S1LG61 450 Digital 6bit RGB Strong LCD2
LQ121S1LG64 450 276.0x209.0x14.5 Low reflection LCD
LQ121S1LW01 250 276.0x209.0x11.0 ASVwide viewing angle
LQ121S7LY01 200 Mobile ASV
wide viewing angle + semi-Tran missive)
LQ121S7LY11 300 276.0x216.0x16.0 4CCFT
10.4" LQ104S1DG21/
TFT 800x600
260K 350 Digital 6bit RGB 246.5x179.4x15.5 2CCFT
LQ104S1DG31 350 243.0x183.8x11.5
LQ104S1DG61 420 246.5x179.4x13.7 Strong LCD2
350 LVDS 6bit RGB 246.5x179.4x15.5
LQ104S1LG31 350 243.0x183.8x11.5
LQ104S1LG61 420 246.5x179.4x13.7
350 Digital 6bit RGB 265.0x195.0x11.5
350 246.5x179.4x15.5
LQ104V1DG61 450 246.5x179.4x13.7 Strong LCD2
LQ104V1DG64 450 246.5x179.4x17.2 Low reflection LCD
LQ104V1DG83 350 246.5x179.4x34.7 Built-in inverter
LQ104V1DG93 350 Digital 8bit RGB 240x179.2x27.25 Built-in inverter
LQ104V1LG61 450 LVDS 6bit RGB 246.5x179.4x13.7 Strong LCD2
LQ104V1DW01 380 Digital 6bit RGB 246.5x179.4x15.5
LQ104V1DW02 380 246.5x179.4x15.5 ASVwide viewing angle
9.2" LQ092Y3DG01 TFT 800x480
260K 380 Digital 6bit RGB 226.6x143.9x13.0 1CCFT
8.9" LM089HB1T04 STN 640x240
Blue and
250 8bit parallel 258.8x109.8x10.0 1CCFT
8.8" LQ088H9DZ03 TFT 640x240
260K 250 Digital 6bit RGB 231.6x103.25x14.4 2CCFT For in-vehicle
Mobile ASV LCD
LQ088Y3DG01 800x480
380 216.0x137.0x20.0 1CCFT Built-in inverter
8.5" LQ085Y3DG03 TFT 800x480
260K 130 Digital 6bit RGB 222.7x135.4x12.5 1CCFT Built-in system driver
LQ085Y3DG04 250 212.0x134.0x12.5 Built-in system driver
LQ085Y3DG06 260
LM085YB1T01 STN Black and
200 8bit parallel 222.7x134.0x12.5
8.4" LQ84S3DG01 TFT 800x600
260K 350 Digital 6bit RGB 199.5x149.5x11.6 2CCFT
LQ84S3LG01 16M 400 LVDS 6bit RGB
199.5x149.5x12.05 Strong LCD2
LQ84V3DG01 640x480
260K 400 Digital 6bit RGB
LQ84V1DG21 300 216.0x152.4x12.0 1CCFT
8.1" LM081HB1T01B STN 640x240
Black and
150 4bit parallel 249.0x99.4x8.5
8.0" LQ080Y5DG03 TFT 800x480
260K 430 Digital 6bit RGB 190.0x120.0x8.0 LED For CAR
Height-speed response
(low temperature)
LQ080Y5DG04 260K 625 190.0x120.0x13.0 2CCFT For CAR
Height-speed response
(low temperature)
198.0x117.0x17.9 1CCFT For CAR
(wide viewing angle)
LQ080V3DG01 640x480
260K 380 Digital 6bit RGB 183.0x141.0x14.0 1CCFT
7.7" LM077VS1T01 STN 640x480
(C-STN) 150 8bit parallel 195.2x137.5x8.0 2CCFT
7.5" LQ075V3DG01 TFT 640x480
260K 400 Digital 6bit RGB 179.0x139.5x12.7 1CCFT Strong LCD2
7.0" LQ070T5GG21 TFT 480x234 - 500 TFT specific analog RGB 167.0x93.0x6.9 1CCFT For CAR
LQ070T5DR05 480x240
260K 400 Digital 6bit RGB 170.1x103.4x14.2 2CCFT For CAR
LQ070Y5DG05 800x480
260K 460 Digital 6bit RGB 167.0x93.0x7.2 1CCFT For CAR
LQ070Y5DG20 500 For CAR
LQ070Y5DG06 430 170.0x104.0x8.0 LED For CAR
Height-speed response
(low temperature)
LQ070Y5DE02 320 167.5x93.2x6.69.0 For CAR
dual view LCD
LQ070Y3DG01 380 175.0x111.5x13.5 1CCFT
LQ070T3AG02 480x234 - 350 NTSC/PAL 176.5x107.5x19.0 1CCFT built-in inverter
6.5" LQ065T5GG61 TFT 480x234 - 400 NTSC/PAL 155.0x89.2x8.8 1CCFT For CAR
LQ065T5DG02 400x240
260K 620 Digital 6bit RGB 155.0x89.2x9.1 1CCFT For CAR
LQ065T9DZ03 250 155.0x89.2x12.5
6.4" LQ064V3DG01 TFT 640x480
260K 350 Digital 6bit RGB 161.3x117.0x12.0 2CCFT
LQ064V3DG04 290 Best viewing angle: 3o'clock direction deal for vertical use
6.1" LQ061T5GG01 TFT 480x234 - 500 NTSC/PAL 149.0x82.9x7.2 1CCFT For in-vehicle
5.8" LQ058Y5DG01 TFT 800x480
260K TBD Digital 6bit RGB 141.1x82.9x7,2 LED LED Backlight
5.7" LQ057V3DG01 TFT 640x480
260K 400 Digital 6bit RGB 144.0x104.6x12.3 1CCFT Built-in system driver
Strong LCD2
LQ057V3DG02 144.0x104.6x13.0 LED LED Backlight
LQ057Q3DC12 320x240
500 144.0x104.6x13.0 1CCFT
LM32019T STN Black and
70 4bit parallel 166.0x104.6x13.0
LM32019P Black and
5.6" LQ056A3AG01 TFT 480x234 - 250 NTSC/PAL 140.0x102.7x20.0 1CCFT Built-in inverter
5.0" LQ050Q5DR01 TFT 320x240
260K 380 Digital 6bit RGB 119.4x89.1x12.7 CCFT
LM050QC1T01 STN C-STN 100 8bit parallel 134.0x100.0x8.5
4.6" LM046QB1S02 STN 320x240
Black and
100 4bit parallel 134.0x100.0x8.5 1CCFT
4.3" LQ043T3DX02 TFT 480x272 16M 165 Digital 8bit RGB 105.5x67.2x3.95 LED LED Backlight
3.8" LQ038Q3DC01 TFT 320x240
260K 240 Digital 6bit RGB 90.6x79.9x9.9 LED LED Backlight
3.5" LQ035Q3DG01 TFT 320x240
260K TBD Digital 6bit RGB 76.9x63.9xTBD LED LED Backlight
LQ035Q5DG02 500 86.4x84.0x6.7 For CAR
LED Backlight
LQ035Q3DH01 TBD 76.9x63.9xTBD LED Backlight
Built-in System Driver
3.3" LQ033B5DG02 TFT 160x176 260K 290 Digital 6bit RGB 73.0x78.3x12.5 1CCFT For CAR
LED Backlight
3.1" LQ031B5DG01 TFT 270x96 260K 350 Digital 6bit RGB 85.4x38.8x8.65 LED For vehicle installation
LED Backlight
2.5" LQ025Q3DW02 TFT 320x240
260K 350 6bit RGB 56.6x48.8x
MAX 3.5
LED LED Backlight
* We pay attention to the compilation of this data, but being to be also a possibility such as misprint, please verify correct information with the specification of the manufacturer.
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